we do not place any constraints regarding the minimum order to be placed.

You can order just 1 (Single) T-shirt / Hoodie through our Digital / Screen / vinyl printing service & Embroidery.

  • Type of T-shirt: Round Neck / V-neck / Collar or full sleeve T-shirt.
  • Quality and color: Fabric quality and color you choose
  • Quantity : the number of garments you order with the same design.
  • Print Colors: the number of colors in your design.

Answering above components. Just e-mail us your design to get a Mock up sample & quick price quote.

We usually request 50% advance payment for order confirmation (Bank deposit / wire / Online Transfer) and Remaining 50% before Dispatching or on Delivery. Contact 91501 34513 for Bank details.

Yes! We provide you with a free digital mockup of each design we make. And, if you want to make any changes, we’ll provide you with another digital mockup of that change free of charge. Production will not begin on your order until we receive an artwork approval from you.

As for seeing a physical, screen-printed or embroidered sample , You can get paid samples (Plain or T-shirt with some other print) to feel the quality. Return the sample & get refund.

In case of urgency our turnaround time could be a few working days with printing from our stock colors and styles. Ideally we need 7–10 days to manufacture order specific styles. Nevertheless, the same too varies depending upon various factors such as style, quality and quantity.

Logo Tees has widespread delivery centers spanning across various cities including Chennai,Coimbatore, Madurai, Trichy, Tirunelveli,Nagercoil, Tirupur, Bangalore etc. Delivery within Tamil Nadu limits are free. For other states We ship the goods via air, rail, road & sea to the destination of your choice on a To-Pay basis.

Because Logo Tees T-shirts are custom designed, one-of-a-kind creations, it is not possible to return them for a refund.

We do everything in our power to make sure that each order meets our high standards of Quality, Competitive Pricing, and Quick Delivery Time – this is the Logo Tees Guarantee.

We strive for nothing but great customer experiences at Logo Tees, so if your order arrives and it’s incorrect or late, we’ll work with you to make it right. Your buying experience is our top priority. Please contact us at within 2 days of receiving your shipment to discuss problems with an order.


Logo Tees pricing is based on four components.

  • Type of T-shirt: Round Neck / V-neck / Collar or full sleeve T-shirt.
  • Quality and color: Fabric quality and color you choose
  • Quantity : the number of garments you order with the same design.
  • Print Colors: the number of colors in your design.

Answering above components. Just e-mail us your design to get a free & quick price quote.

a. Print on white shirts: White t-shirts are the most popular for orders, so supply and demand dictates that stocking them is less expensive for us, and therefore, also for the customer. Additionally, most cotton garments start out essentially white, so dying them any other color makes them more expensive.

b. Use fewer design colors: The screen printing process requires us to make a separate screen for each color in your design. The less screens we have to make, the less expensive it is to print your apparel.

c. Increase order size: The more shirts of the same design that you order, the less expensive it is for Logo Tees to produce them. Since each color and each printing location means a new screen set up; dividing this cost among many shirts rather than just one or a few means savings per unit for you.

d. Decrease printing locations: Simply put, the fewer screens Logo Tees has to set up for one apparel order, the less expensive that apparel will be for the customer. Each printing location on a garment requires separate screen set up, so printing just on the front of a shirt versus printing on the front and back will reduce your overall cost.

Simply click the Get Quote button and enter in your quantities.

Plain T-shirts:

Logo Tees brings you standard plain bulk t shirts in various colors round the year for businesses. we serve for an array of brands across India with our best in quality Plain T Shirts in Basic Round Neck, Polo, Full Sleeve, v-neck Styles etc.

You can order for T Shirts without any brand label or with your own brand labels, tags, packing etc. All fabrics been made with 100% Combed Cotton with state of dyeing and Compacting. You can expect consistent quality round the year for your business needs.

We do Plain T Shirts to sell to printing businesses with just size and wash care label without mentioning our brand anywhere in the garment. Custom branding can be made on the plain t shirts when bought in bulk with yoke brand printing or with tags.

We offer a wide array of color options to choose from our ready stocks nevertheless, if a specific color is required the same too is possible minimum quantity is 200 pieces


Please check our product specification page. But if a specific color other than the above is required the same too is possible and the minimum quantity is 200 pieces per color. The delivery time will be around 10-15 days.

GSM is the short form of “Gram per Square Meter”. It is not possible for a non industry person to determine the GSM of a garment unless a lab test is done to determine the same. It is very unfortunate that a non industry person normally while comparing the price of a garment of various manufacturers use G.S.M.as a bench mark.

This is a myth, thickness of a garment does not guarantee its longevity.

The quality of a t-shirt is assured only by quality of raw materials & processes and not simply by GSM.

In order to give cheaper prices many companies increase the GSM alone and compromise on other parameters like using inferior quality carded/semi combed yarn, dyeing processes with cheaper dyes with no color fastness, steam calendaring instead of compacting , printing with sub standard dyes. And the garments are made by sub contracting to local job work units without any quality inspection or procedure.

As a result of this, the t-shirt looks heavy but it will fail in all other qualities like dyeing fastness, feel, finish, shrinkage control, print quality

There are various qualities of cotton yarn. Combed cotton is superior to semi or carded. Cotton balls start surfacing after a few washes if the yarn is a semi combed or carded.

Our T-shirt are Pre-shrunk. Knitted cotton always shrinks on wash. However, the shrinkage is reduced by a process of compacting the fabric whereby the shrinkage is less than 5% (internationally accepted norm.) Check Our Product Quality Specification

Logo Tees T-Shirts are guaranteed for color fastness. The T-Shirts will not bleed or soil other clothes washed along with it. Color Bleeding normally occurs when poor quality of dyes are used to save on cost of manufacture. Check Our Product Quality Specification

  • Wash your garment inside out
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not iron on the print
  • Kindly wash dark colors separately
  • Do not bleach your garments
  • Wash at 40 degrees centigrade, i.e. in cold water
  • Do not use strong detergents or bleach or fabric softener


screen printing

  • 1. Pigment ink - This is a water base method of printing which is possible only on white or light color garments. Printing can be ironed upon.
  • 2. Plastisol ink - Ideal to print on light/dark garments, has good opacity. There are special plastisol printing machines for this ink, fine lettering and alignments are easy to attain. This is the most popular technique of printing the world over. Printing cannot be ironed upon.

Direct to garment printing:

Also known as DTG printing, digital garment printing and inkjet to garment printing, is a process of printing on textiles and garments using specialized or modified inkjet technology.

  • Screen printing – Generally used for orders over 6 pieces.
  • Direct-to-garment – Most often used for orders less than 6 pieces, or requests that require many different colors, where the cost to set up multiple screens for traditional printing is greater than the cost of direct-to-garment printing.
  • Both methods of printing are high quality and are backed by the Logo Tees Guarantee.

For Adult shirts our standard sizes are as follows:

  • Full Front: 12" wide; Max - 13.5" x 17"
  • Full Back: 12" wide; Max – 13.5" x 17"
  • Left or Right Breast: 4"
  • Upper Back Neck: 4"

Yes, Can be done in Half / Full sleeves, upto 2 color print allowed.

We guarantee that the print will stay on your shirts. If a screen printed image doesn’t stay on the garment it is because the printer fails to properly monitor the final product as it rolled of out the dryer. A printed image must get to a temperature of 350 degrees all the through the image. If you have a thicker ink deposit on the t-shirt the t-shirt will require a longer time in the dryer. When a print cracks and peels on a t-shirt it is because the screen print was not allowed to be fully cured. Each job has to be monitored separately to have the highest quality image possible.

  • If you’re using a JPEG file (aka, a standard photo-type file) to upload your art, these are the important factors to keep in mind:
  • The higher quality image, you upload the better the finished design will look.
  • Generally a 300dpi image that is saved to the size you are wanting it printed is the best.
  • If Logo Tees has to increase the size of a small design to fit the parameters of your design request, the image quality will likely decrease noticeably. For example, submitting a 300dpi image that is saved at 2", but ordering a shirt design that sets that same 300dpi image at 12" would likely result in a blurry, pixilated graphic. It would be most effective to submit to Logo Tees an image that’s the actual size of the finished design to be screen printed onto your apparel.

2. Recommended Design Format: PNG,PDF, PSD (photoshop),CDR (corel draw), ai (illustrator)

We do not entertain customers bringing their own garment and asking us to do the Printing. Printing a garment risks rejections. Logo Tees does not accept any product for printing other than our own.

Like printing, we can embroider all designs and matters on the t-shirts. At this time we offer embroidery on Chest area only . If you're looking for embroidered apparel simply call our customer service department and let us know. We will be happy to walk you thru the process.