Logotees Custom Suits & Shirts

We’re not here to sell the language, but to settle a score. The score between you and the countless off the rack shirt that were your only option. We’re changing the way you buy shirts, the way you dress and the way people turn to look at you walk into a room. We’re cutting through the noise and proposing value of a brisk t-shirt.

Custom made

We believe in making each shirt that is cut and sewn according to your choice fabric, design and fit. The idea behind creating a unique style and size pattern for every customer is believing in freedom of choice. Our master craftsmen spend hours making a custom shirt using traditional methods as every shirt requires attention to detail.

Fit satisfaction

Learning about body size and structure is the key to build a custom shirt that fits true to body. We have combined our knowledge of creating unique pattern with your convenience and as a result we have got option you can opt to select your sizing before placing an order online
To top it all, we offer complimentary alterations or remake till the time you’re happy with the fit. Your favorite size pattern will then be saved your profile online.

Immaculate quality

Fine details, stitch pattern and fused collars are patiently applied to a shirt that can last a lifetime. Our craftsmen review the shirt at every step of making and once the custom shirt is ready our team of quality control experts ensures that every little detail is fulfilled as expected by you.
If you are concerned about the durability of collar and cuffs of your shirt then you are safe. We believe every fabric needs to be fused differently and our craftsmen make sure they do it right.


We’re writing the story of the world’s finest cotton; setting in lean and airy through the folds of your collar and weaving the perfect embrace across your fit. Our fabrics are handpicked from the most cotton friendly fabric mills around the world. We carry a wide range f fabric patterns & weaves including Oxford, Royal Oxford, Twill, Jacquard, Dobby, End to End, Poplin, Denim, Lenin, Corduroys, Flannels and many more.

Amazing customer service

A man as busy as you, deserves a service like ours. To truly tailor the process to your preference, there is a team of dedicated customer service experts integrated with our skilled shirt makers all under one roof. All custom shirt orders are backed by a friendly customer service team to help you getting a perfect fit, choosing the right fabrics you may have.
After having placed an order if you end up deciding a few more changes in your style, our team would be happy to receive an email or call by you.